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Kanna Creek Brewing Co.
Ale House Brew Fest'

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“I save time by directing my customers to when they call with the “What’s on the menu?” call. For banquets, I direct them to and we plan their meals together. This saves over an hour of my time while setting up these events. I also see the employees improving their productivity by directing callers to this website. And finally, we have decided not to develop and market a website at this time. provides everything that a website would provide for far less money and far less money to market the site on the internet."

Owner, Dolche Vita

"I love the fact that sends us business to our store as well as we are seeing a rise in web site traffic. Eileen shows me reporting on the numbers of unique visitors to our menu and I know that this is money well spent. It’s only $1.00 a day. Try to buy any other advertising for those prices."

GM Breckenridge Ale House

"This is our first year of business trying to hit that break even point. To hit that critical point, we have to have a home run in everything that we do. We found a home run in We are seeing a steady flow of business and the traffic to our personal web site has increased tremendously since we have been listed on"

Owner, Kannah Creek

"I am more than glad to pay a $1.00 per day to save time handling the “What’s on the menu call.” Whenever we use radio to advertise, the phone starts ringing with those calls. It’s nice, but that takes a lot of time to handle those calls well. Now, I just send them to the web site. Eileen also shows me the reports as to who is visiting our menu and that information is as good as walking through the restaurant and asking the customers how they found us."

Fly’n Roosters

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